The power of network and group of peoples

The power of network

Every successful person or business takes advantage of leverage, they know how to use the power of network. You know that 24 hours in a day and it is totally depended on you that how much you get paid per hour. The income of per hour is related to your talent. How much talent you are, is decide your income/salary. If you don’t take advantage of leverage, your income is limited. You can benefit from a percentage of other people’s effort. From take the advantage of leverage, your income will increase while you will get more free time.

Example of power of network

An employee gets his salary every month but do you know how they get salary.

Salary = number of hours worked * hourly wages

Salary is related on your designation (post) and the hourly income of that post. Think about a worker/labor in a company, he may get 1$ – 2$ in an hour, but if designation is higher than labor, his hourly ways will higher.

Let us consider an engineer in a company, they are also working as an employee and get salary, assume they will get 20$ per hour that means his salary come to

Salary = number of hours worked * hourly wages

= 8 * 20$ = 160$/day

In one day he earned 160$, if he want to increase his salary  then he has to do over time but you know very well that you have only 24 hours in a day. It’s not possible to use all 24 hours for work. The most difficult time come when we cannot exchange time for money due to age, health, or any other region, this time your income will stop.

But other side assume that you have a network of 1000 peoples. They will work for himself and yourself too. Let us consider that they are working only 4 hours in a day that means.

Number of hours worked = 1000*4=4000

And consider hourly wages is only 2$


4000 * $ 2 = 8000$

8000$ is them salary and yours too, because they are also working for you.

“You are working with a group than you can exchange time for money. There is no age issue; health issue will arise because your network will work for you”

MLM business is that business where everyone has the same opportunity to become the “owner” his own business.

If I ask you, one question that what you prefer. “100% of 1 person effort or 10% of the effort of 1000 people”.

Obviously your answer should be, 10 % of 1000 people because 100% of one is always one person rather than 10% of 1000 people means 1000 people will for you. You always think your income is not dependent on only one person; it would be depended on many people effort.

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