Benefit of MLM



You don’t have to ask your boss or don’t have to take permission to go to conference with your child’s teacher. when you work for someone else, you must always answer to them first. Regarding through, in network marketing you have your personal freedom.

  • Work/start any where:-

If I ask you, can you do job from home or on the phone or on the internet? Your answer must be no. But MLM business, you can start/work at the home on the phone or in the internet . you can do also in restaurant, any park. Where ever you want you can work, there is no any state , place bounded. In normal job/business your place is fixed. If you go outside from the city, you will not get any benefit because you cannot work from that place. But in MLM you go anywhere at any time, visit local prospects or your team person.


  •  No age limit/experience/qualification:-

In job you should be young age, more qualified and most important experience, without this you cannot get any job. If you want to higher job ( designation), you have to more experience and more qualified. For becoming a CEO of the company or richer, in teenagers age most probably you cannot become. You are teenagers, baby boners, or senior this is not important for doing MLM. If you are not more qualified or not more experience you can do MLM. No anybody can ask about your qualification, age, or your experience.


  • No more capital requirement:

You want to start your own business, you have to expend big amount of capital. Without this you cannot think to start your business. But I am telling about MLM, no big capital required. You can start MLM just little bit amount. MLM is one of the field where you can become much richer. If you start your own business by investing big capital then the risk of loss is high, you always afraid from loss of your business because you invested bulky amount rather than in MLM no big capital is required and profit is much more as you think, here you will not afraid from loss.


  • Free time/ work, when you want:-

You are suitable for a work at night or you want to do your at night then MLM is best option for you. And if you early riser again MLM is perfect. You can do MLM in middle of the day too. In hall day whenever you want to do work, you can do, it’s totally depend on you. In MLM get up when you want to, start work when you want to start it’s all about you. Try to doing something extra with your job, again MLM is perfect solution.


  • To get extra income:-

MLM is the best options for getting extra income. If you are not satisfied with your salary you can start any part time business for extra income, MLM is right choice. you can do it as part time or full time too. If you work hard 2-3 years in this can get more money compare to your salary. The best advantage of MLM is , if you are busy in your job, you don’t have time to do any extra business, you can do it very effectively because whenever you are free you can start working in MLM.


  • Own work, own profit , own boss:-

When you work for hourly wages, you will get 50% of income which you generated and 50% goes to your boss or the company where you working for it. Your salary is fixed, if you working over time, you get less amount compare to your hard work. So, work for yourself and all wages/income goes to you. In MLM there is no any boss, you don’t have to listen like employee. Whatever you want, whenever you want you do your own work. So I will tell you one thing MLM is your own work/business, whatever you generated here it all of yours. You are the boss of your own business.


  •  No big company headaches:-

In MLM, no over load, no employee, no office rent, no ware housing, no account receivable. There is no many more headaches in it. Avoid all this big company headaches.


  • Spend more time with family:-

There are many responsibilities on you like child, relatives, pets, wife, house caring and many more. I am asking one question, do you give more time at home with family? Your answer must be no. 8A.M. to 8 P.M. you are working in office after that you tired and come to home take a diner and go to sleep. This time table is goes to day to day. You don’t have to spend much time with your family. The solution is doing MLM. All stress is thing of the past. Once you build your network, you don’t have to spend more time in it. You can give much time at home with your family.


  • More contacts:

Trough MLM, you can increase your contact list, if you are working in one place then your group/network work in other place, you can get new contacts from it. That contact you can get many kinds of help. If you new in city your group member is personally help you. They came to receive you, your fooding, lodging everything he will arrange. You can get many benefit from your more contacts.


  • Duplication:-

If you have a big network in MLM, your network will follow you. Your network member take you a example as his benchmark. Whatever you will do, whatever you will tell all things are duplicate in your network. How will dress up? It should be important. Your style, your presentation, your body language, all things are duplicate in your network. Your network will give an example/testimonial of you, to others. It’s not about joining but duplication that is being a leader and creating leaders. The respect, recognition, fame you get from your group/team is overwhelming. People respect you and follow you for a good cause. You want to be the best in MLM, then duplicate your senior leader, duplicate your senior leader even exactly.


  • Residual income:

Residual income is that income which you continue to receive in long term after your work is done. There are lots of ways to produce residual income. A good example of residual income is interest earned on money in the bank or investments. You continue to receive the residual income without having to invest.
Residual income is not about ”getting rich quickly”. It is very important to recognize, that how to generate residual income and once you build it you have the financial security and time flexibility to do just about anything, you desire for the rest of your life.

Network marking is all about residual income. If you work hard in network marketing for 2 – 3 years you can get residual income. Residual income is also called as royalty income.


  • Geometrical growth:-

The simple and classic illustration of network marketing is that it work like, if I can teach you, I have double myself. If we teach someone else, we have double again. As this duplication process goes on and on, it can produced many leaders in a short period of time

Like an example of match stick. If you store one match stick on the first day and double it every day (day two, you have 2 match stick and day three you have 4 match stick and so on)

Think how much will you have at the end of 30 days so, if you understand this principle apply it u can see the amazing result in MLM.

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