Every network marketer has passed three stages in MLM. This stage is also related to your real life. You cannot do anything without passing these three stages. These stages is your life stages, it is your turning point of your life. If you want to become a successful network marketer/sells person, you have to suffer these stages.

These three stages are

  • Denial/ignorance stage
  • Indifference stage
  • Acceptance stage



This is the 1st stage of your successful life or MLM/sales carrier. When you will start MLM business, your prospect will not give you importance. Whatever you will tell they will not listen. Some of Your friends and the person which you know, they make fun with you and also tease you. They will ignore you. More than 50 people leave MLM only in this stage. You will get more and more rejection from your prospects because you don’t have achievement you have only your vision to show him.

You will also suffer this stage in your life too. I will tell you how your life is also suffer from this stage through an example.

Example: –

Take the example of a student life. Every person passes his student life. When you were a student and preparing for getting job, you suffer this stage. You could not get importance from your friends, relatives as well as your family too. They would not give you gravity because you didn’t have any achievement. They were ignoring you. Denial stage is same for the sales person, when he is starting to sale his products.



You can consider yourself as an imaginary vision to real vision. You got some achievement. Short term dream is start to full fill. New starter of network marketer get some joining and sales person start selling his products. They got some commission and start earning. Indifferent stage, you have to some achievement with you to show your prospects/friends. You can see whatever you think about your dream it is start to become real and you are in your on path.

Example: –

student is doing hard work for getting job. He prepared and studies 7-10 hours in a day. This stage came when they qualified his written exam for job but not qualified in group discussion or personal interviews. They qualified written exam for job so they have some achievement. They know very well if he will do hard work he will get his job. After his some achievement, they can see his way of success. They try to give more effort in work.



Your short-term, mid-term dream and some long-term dream are completed then you are in the acceptance stage. Many people will give your example to others. They accepted that whatever you told, you completed. You can show your achievement to others, you became a benchmark for them.
“Where and how you are doing it is not matter but where will you will be in future its matters”. You realize that the person is teasing you, making fun with you; they will going to respect you. When you are in this stage you will be proud yourself.

Nobody wants to know what you will do; we all want to know what you did do”.

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