The Flow of Sales of Marketing and Direct Marketing

Sales of Marketing and Direct Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote products. MLM (network marketing) company is marketise their products through word of mouth marketing. It is built via word of mouth. Network marketing (MLM) is mouth to mouth advertisement. The most of MLM companies not refer any T.V., RADIO, BANNER, PAPER advertisements. The flow of sales in Network marketing is the marking where the people advertise direct to the customer/client. Through network marketing the process of advertisement is slow compare to other marketing strategy (T.V., RADIO, and PAPER) but is more benefit to that people which is working on it.

Example: –

If I am talking about any product which we have to sell, then we shall do many thing like I will give 10 million dollar to any one celebrities for advertisement or shall i give 10 million dollar to 1000 people for direct advertisement. Think which is more benefit for common people, money will give to that celebrity who is already financial strong or give to that people who is belong to simple class families?

Flow diagram of sales or direct marketing:


Flow diagram of sales or direct marketing

If any product is manufacture in manufacturer plant, let us consider this product cost is 100 $., when the product will reach to the distributor, they will include his profit to the cost of the product like 10 $ now the current product cost is 110 $ same like wholesaler, retail and also advertisement cost will add before to reach the costumer and finally product cost will reach approx 200 $.

Network marketing or direct marketing is the processes where the costumer will get product directly even in same and little bit increasing amount.

Now these days many e-commerce companies are selling his product as a direct marketing. Direct marketing or e-commerce is the future of marketing after some years all products will sell through direct marketing.

Network marketing is a process of – LEARN/RELEARN/UNLEARN.


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