Follow up is the process where you clear the doubt of your prospects. Whenever you show the presentation to your client, they have many doubt related to company, business process, about the product. You can clear his doubt by taking follow up. In follow up you should clear all kind of doubt to your prospects.

A good sales person has very clear rules for taking follow up

  • Mutual respect.
  • No interruptions.
  • Handing one question at a time.
  • Starting to build on your points of view.
  • Separate each and every questions and answer all of them.
  • Give priority to your prospects.
  • Obserb your verbal language, body language and communication of the other party.
  • Your way to give the answer should be a positive manner.
  • Don’t argue. Avoid rude and load behaviour.
  • Be assertive.
  • Use hard argument with soft words with smile.
  • Maintain eye contact, these show your confidence and trust.
  • You show your prospect as daring and challenging person.
  • Stay focused on the topic, don’t go off-track.
  • Accept your responsibility.
  • Maintain your eye contact; don’t keep looking around the room or outside the room.
  • A warm smile in your face. It shows that you are interested in person’s questions.
  • Ask more questions to clarify.
  • Make some notes and note that questions which you are not able to solve, tell your prospects I will ask from my senior then I will clarify you.
  • Show respects.
  • Keep your conversation focussed and to the point.
  • Don’t behave as you know everything.

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Whenever you are taking follow up of your prospect, do not use this words and question which is harmful for your selling.

  • May be.
  • I hope
  • Probably
  • I will try
  • I think so
  • we cannot
  • that’s not in my hand
  • I don’t handle that
  • do you understand
  • that is not my responsibility
  • when will you decide for joining/buy

These words can have negative impressions.

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