How to become a leader in mlm or network marketing

How to become a leader in mlm

First upon I want to tell you about leadership skill. If you cannot follow this skill you cannot become a very good leader in mlm.


  • Given example by leading
  • Passion
  • Delegate
  • Take responsibility
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be brave and honest
  • Good listener
  • Be follower


Just make an example in your team, where is needed pitch the work, you can lead through helping hands and be sure that whatever you do is clearly understood by your team. Always maintain a testimony (achievements). Show what you are worth by your knowledge for your team to follow.


You have to passionate because without passion you cannot be a leader, you can inspire to your team through your passion and enthusiasm, passionate like a mad its means you are not mad, it means you have to believe in what your team is doing.


A great leader is able to delegate the work. Leader is a man of action and not a man of word.  Every man has different quality you have to know which man has which type of quality so that you can give employees ownership of the work you assign them.


Although delegated work in your team ownership, you have to take responsibility at all times. Your team has to know you’ll be there for them in good and bad times. It doesn’t mean your team making mistakes or ignore work.


A great leader has to great communicators whenever you communicate to your team, you have to make a difference “are they telling lie or they are working truly” you have to tell them they did a good job. Pass everything to your junior, it’s all about sharing or communicate.


“Leader is brave” leader have to brave from any number of situations, don’t ignore the situations problems. A better leader has the answer “now what”. Whenever you are giving presentation. Be absolute truthful to your seniors and juniors.

Or dilling something you cannot scare and nervous.


“A good listener is a great communicator” keeping people motivated means listening to them, asking their questions, understanding their issues.


“A good leader must follower” if you are leader without following you are a dictator. Always follow the ethics of company.



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